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We need some good news right now—something to look forward to. And the opportunity to generate excitement and positivity in our coffee community is what Barista Magazine is all about. So we welcome you to the launch of a recurring giveaway of very cool prizes from our incredibly generous partners.

Some of you will remember our series Humpday Giveaway from years ago: In that model, folks had to answer a trivia question in order to be entered to win a prize—a totally awesome prize, no less.

Give Some Get Some is a little different. Instead of answering a question, we ask people to make a $5 donation to either the virtual tip jar of their choice, or the health/medical organization or food bank of their choice. $5. That’s it. Just email a screenshot of your payment confirmation to, and you’ll be entered to win.

Are you excited to learn what the incredible prize is for our first installment of Give Some Get Some? It’s bonkers amazing. It’s a brand-new Puqpress Q2 automatic tamper!

Valued at $1,290 USD, the Puqpress Q2 automatic coffee tamper offers the latest in precision technology in a small footprint to give baristas a consistent tamping experience every single time. No doubt you’re familiar with the Puqpress: They’re already in most every café in Australia, and have been sweeping the globe in popularity with café owners and baristas who want to ensure consistent excellence in their espresso brewing systems.

Not only do you benefit from the consistency that a perfectly even and weighted tamp provides; baristas using the Puqpress Q2 will not suffer from injuries associated with repetition of the awkward angle and pressured wrist movement that comes with traditional tamping.

And just look how adorable it is! And how small of a footprint it has! This Puqpress will look incredible in your café! Plus, you get to choose if you want it in white or black!

“We at Puqpress, like you, are remaining positive in these challenging times,” says Puqpress USA CEO Brett Bolwell. “Hopefully the opportunity to win a brand new Puqpress will encourage lots of people to make a small donation that will support others in these unprecedented circumstances. Our prayers are with you and your loved ones. … This will be over soon.”

Thank you so much, Brett and the team at Puqpress. This is surely a special opportunity for Barista Mag Online readers!

One note, friends: The Puqpress can only be mailed to U.S.A. addresses. So, for the rest of you around the world who still want to get involved, we will select a second winner who will receive the following: Barista Magazine will donate $50 in your name to the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Response Fund, and set you up with a one-year complimentary subscription.

We’ll be accepting entries through Monday, March 30, 12:00 p.m. PDT. Please email (1) a screenshot of your $5 donation, and (2) your name and mailing address, to, and let’s raise some serious cash for baristas in need via virtual tip jars (which you can access here and here), and health organizations and food banks doing such important work. 

We love our community, and we are so much stronger together! And finally, many thanks to Barista Equip and Puqpress for this very generous donation!

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