Getting started on Day 3

There are still 14 competitors to go today, day three of the preliminary round of the World Barista Championship, but the electricity in the air is all about what’s coming at the end of the day: the announcement of the six barista champions who will compete in the final round tomorrow, Sunday, for the 208 WBC crown. Here’s a peek at what’s going on around the event space today.

Here, the Hoff assists his competitor, Stephen Morrissey, Irish Champ. Stephen apparently needed help figuring out how to lay a tablecloth down.


Did you wonder where the Boys of Summer have gone? Well, look no further:


Team Lebanon is pumped and ready for action:


The backstage proep room is as busy as ever:


Tracy and Jay discuss some heavy stuff:


Heather and Trish make predictions:


And now, it’s time to begin with competitor number one, BRAZIL!

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