Germany, Uganda, Canada




Stephanie begins her performance with “Namaste” and tells the judges that her entire performance has been inspired by a recent trip to India to visit the farm where her coffee was grown. She plays Indian music, uses Indian coffee, and says her signature drink is also inspired by India. She serves her cappuccinos ”topped by lovely latte art ”to the judges and tells them they will taste a hint of what she has coming for them in her signature drink. She then prepares and serves her espressoss, telling judges they will taste cardamom and nutmeg. Stephanie’s signature drink is Indian Coffee Masala: smashed up chili, cinnamon stick and cardamom seed at the bottom of each glass, and then espresso pulled on top. Nice job, Stephanie!




Unfortunately, audio prevented us from hearing Roberts over his music, so i’ve no idea what he said in the first five minutes of his performance… but he looks great up there! When I can hear again, he is saying that his espresso will have a full chocolate taste. Roberts is wearing a beautiful traditional Ugandan tunic. For his cappuccinos, Roberts pours simply lovely hearts on his first 2, rosettas on the second set ”he appears so cool and calm! He says there will be a long lasting acidity, nice caramel and even the taste of peanuts. Roberts says the inspiration of his signature drink, The Jewel of the Nile, is the very long journey he took here. Taste will be honey, caramelized coffee. He garnishes with fresh mint. Very nicely done, Roberts!




Four-time champion of Canada, Sammy Piccolo is on the stage! He begins by telling his judges that one of his absolute favorite things about being a barista is the opportunity to choose coffees. For today, he has chosen a Costa Rican that, he says, is predominantly grapefruit in the finish. He also has an Ethiopian which mellows the acidity of the Costa Rican and adds sweetness. Table-side, he squeezes juice from an organic grapefruit to make a reduction, which he will later use in his signature drink. He takes the juice to a thermal mixer, which he says he likes because he can control the temperature inside of it, and to the juice he adds an organic cane sugar. As he pours his cappuccinos at the judges’ table, he talks about how cappuccinos are what initially got him into specialty coffee because his Italian parents would serve espresso after dinner when guests came over. For Sammy’s signature drink, he combines a creme fraiche which he infused with grapefruit beforehand, as well as his reduction and it is served with grapefruit peel on the side. That’s a lot of grapefruit! Beautifully done, Sammy.

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