4 Coffee Podcasts Worth Hearing

No matter what part of the coffee industry you’re in, there’s a podcast for you.


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The history of podcasting began almost two decades ago. It was 2004 when Adam Curry, a former MTV VJ, and Dave Winder, a software developer, coded iPodder, which allowed them to download internet radio broadcasts straight to their iPods.

It was an almost instant success. In the last 18 years, podcasts have become a staple of media communication; they’re easy to access, cover every imaginable topic, and are available with a simple click. It’s no mystery why podcasts became so popular. 

Almost every possible (and impossible) topic is covered in at least one podcast nowadays, and the world of specialty coffees is no exception. 

Here’s a short list of some interesting podcasts that will tell you more about your favorite drink. 

Cat & Cloud covers a wide range of topics on its podcast with industry veteran hosts Jared Truby and Chris Baca.

Cat & Cloud Coffee Podcast

If you want to improve your coffee knowledge (in a fun way), the “Cat & Cloud Podcast“ is perfect for you. Hosts Jared Truby and Chris Baca (both baristas, trainers, former barista competitors, and coffee shop owners) share their thoughts on topics related to the specialty-coffee world. 

Topics discussed include the relationship between boss and employees, and coffee competitions. They have interviews with interesting coffee professionals, and make suggestions on how to brew well at home. “Cat & Cloud“ is perfect for those already in the business, but it can also offer some interesting perspectives to the occasional coffee lover. 

Chris is host of Keys to the Shop, has a shaved head, wears a button up shirt and hold a mug of coffee in one hand. He is seated at an outdoor patio table with a large tree in the background.
“Keys to the Shop“ is the longtime podcast of industry expert Chris Deferio. Photo courtesy of Chris Deferio.

Keys to the Shop

Sometimes a podcast might just be inspirational. It could encourage you to train, advance your coffee career, to better manage your coffee shop, or to improve in every aspect of your career. 

“Keys to the Shop“ host Chris Deferio is a longtime leader and consultant in everything from coffee shop management to coffee training, culture, and retail. His podcast “Keys to the Shop“ offers insider tips specifically aimed at coffee professionals. 

Chris gives tips on management and leadership by both sharing his own thoughts and interviewing industry experts (not necessarily from the coffee world). He also shares how to achieve success and pursue personal development.  

Host of Roast West Coast, Ryan has a big beard and wears a floral patterned ball cap. He is seated in front of a large round microphone screen and wears headphones, smiling.
“Roast! West Coast“ is here to make your coffee smarter. Photo courtesy of Ryan Woldt.

Roast! West Coast’  

A one-man show (with many guests), the “Roast! West Coast“ coffee podcast was born during the pandemic from the creative mind of Ryan Woldt, a former coffee shop owner with a background in business and marketing consulting. 

Set as a seasonal show, during the 20-episode-long season, Ryan releases two episodes per week—one is an interview, the other a so-called “Coffee Smarter.”  

The interviews tell the story of coffee professionals; even if coffee provides the base, the true protagonist of the episodes are often the entrepreneurial journey and the passions that inspired the guest. 

Roast West Coast logo: a cartoon blue coffee mug with a lightning bolt.
Learn from industry experts in the “Coffee Smarter“ episodes of “Roast! West Coast.“ Photo courtesy of Ryan Woldt.

Completely different are the “Coffee Smarter“ episodes, where Ryan plays “the coffee idiot,” asking questions about coffee to different roasters or coffee experts. They cover everything: how to make better coffee, how to build a café, some notions of coffee science, and much more. 

Filter Stories host James holds a fuzzy-covered microphone and wears headphones. He is seated at a counter looking outside a window at the city.
The “Filter Stories Podcast“ seeks to tell the tales behind the cup. Photo courtesy of James Harper.

Filter Stories Podcast’ 

Sometimes the focus of a coffee podcast is not coffee itself, but the stories behind it, and that’s exactly what “Filter Stories Podcast“ is all about. Host James Harper dives deep into some of the extraordinary stories hidden in a simple cup of coffee.  

These stories cover a wide range of topics. There is the tale of an award-winning coffee grower who earns just $2 for 250 cups of espresso sold. There’s an interview with Mikhail Sebastien, the (luckily former) “stateless” barista. There’s the story of Annet Nyakaisiki, who was born in a rural village in Uganda, and has become one of the most notable women in the history of African coffee. Many interesting stories are being told here as a sort of documentary that will leave you wanting to know more. 

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Tanya Nanetti (she/her) is a specialty-coffee barista, a traveler, and a dreamer. When she’s not behind the coffee machine (or visiting some hidden corner of the world), she’s busy writing for Coffee Insurrection, a website about specialty coffee that she’s creating along with her boyfriend.

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