Five Queer Coffee Hashtags to Follow

Here’s how you can keep up with the LGBTQIA coffee community on Instagram—during Pride Month and beyond.


Feature photo courtesy of Sarah Rogers/The Daily Beast

This June commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, what many consider to be the tipping point that sparked the modern LGBTQIA rights movement. Stonewall was (and still is) a gay bar; however, queer and trans coffee-shop culture has been just as deserving a partner in the movement for queer equality and self-determination.

The best coffee culture is inclusive; queer, gay, lesbian, transgender, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming folks are at every step of the coffee supply chain. Whichever side of the counter you happen to be on, you can support the queer, transgender, and gender non-conforming coffee community this month and always. Here are five queer coffee Instagram hashtags to get you started.

@outinthecities featured @familarscoffee, a queer-owned coffee shop in Massachusetts.

#queercoffee – This self-explanatory hashtag highlights queers of all stripes getting their coffee on. You’ll find queer, transgender, and nonbinary baristas, roasters, events, and cafés as well as a ton of rainbow-inspired latte art all under one hashtag. Slightly related and cheekier, #coffeemakesyouqueer is another favorite that complements this hashtag well.

#gaybarista – Gay and male-identified, this is the thirst trap of coffee hashtags. It’s mostly men, with and without latte art. If you’re only in it for the eye candy, we also recommend #menandcoffee.

#shestheroaster – While not specifically queer, this hashtag gives props to women-identified coffee roasters. It’s used by @girlswhogrindcoffee, @roasterscraft, and many more.

Glitter Cat participant Rodrigo Vargas during a trip to La Palma y El Tucan in Colombia.

#glittercatbarista – This tag highlights posts affiliated with the Glitter Camp Barista Bootcamp, an all-expenses-paid coffee competition coaching program for LGBTQ+, gender nonconforming, disabled, and racial or ethnic minorities.

#queerwavecoffee – A statement and rallying cry created by Cheyenne Sultrice, this hashtag has been used by @matchbookcoffeeproject, @pinholecoffee and others; it looks like it has dropped off in use, but we’re eagerly awaiting a comeback.

Mark Van Streefkerk
is a freelance writer, social media manager, and novelist based out of Seattle. If he’s not writing, he’s probably biking to his favorite vegan restaurant. Find out more on his website.