Final Results of the Nordic Roaster

For the second year in a row, Tim Wendelboe took first-place honors at the Nordic Roaster. Here are the rest of the results for the total 10 roasting companies involved in the event.

1st place: Tim Wendelboe, Tekangu, 27 votes

2nd place: Solberg & Hansen, Finca Kilimanjaro, 16 votes

3rd place: Kaffitar (coffee to be added), 15 votes

4th place: Lofbergs Lila, Nueva Esperanza, 13 votes

5th place: Has Bean Coffee, Costa Rica Candezilla Tarrazu, 12 votes

tie for 6th place: Kontra Coffee, Yirgacheffe, 8 votes

tie for 6th place: Koppi, Finca Mama Cata, 8 votes

8th place: Gustau Paulig, Papau New Guinea, 7 votes

9th place: Gourmet Coffee, Ethiopia Biloya, 4 votes

10th place: Kaffa, Costa Rica Tarrazu, 1 vote

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