Day 2 of the WBC!

So… the announcement of the 12 semifinalists is in just 25 minutes, so I’ll skip the chit chat and get right to the photos of all the happenings around here, the Caffe Culture show in London, on day 2.

Ana Lucia, 2x Barista Champ of Honduras, brought great energy to the stage today.
Yara, 2x champion of Brazil, has been in the audience watching and cheering for all of her fellow competitors. She's awesome!
Cafe Europa's Young Barista contingent is here! Troels and Bjorg are their trainers. Look for an article about the program in the August/September issue of Barista Mag!
Tim, Ben, Rasmus, looking snarky. Well, Tim, at least.
It's lovely Auren! The 2x champ of Costa Rica did a beautiful job on stage today.
Scorekeeper extraordinaire, Lani, and Tamperman Reg, take a moment to pose for me.
It's Team Guatemala! Minus Champion Raul, who did a fantastic job on stage today.
Atilla of Hungary, in Mickey Mouse gloves, moments befre he heads on stage for his set up. Check in later photos for more news about the mysterious black box!
Soren of Denmark always has a moment for an interview!
Willy Hansen and other Team Norway members wait for Oda to take the stage.
Oda: one of the sweetest competitors around -- and make no mistake, also one of the ones to beat!
Oda's beautiful 3-course signature drink.
Anne and Rasmus in the stands, repping Sweden, and cheering on Oda.
Oda being interviewed by emcee Carl Sara after her performance. He sure is funny.
The amazingly awesome trophies, created by Reg Barber. They're just insanely beautiful.
Denmark-NorwayByWayOfAustralia-Denmark. I.e., Bjorg, Varney, Jens.
Asia of Poland and Imma of Iceland having fun at the WBC Espresso Bar, serving coffees from Kaffitar.
Gwilym: WBC Champ for one more day. See how he clutches the Tim Wendelboe book?
The massive and LOUD crowd assembled at the World Aeropress Championship.
This is Atilla on stage during his performance. I don't know if you can tell, but he's just about to smile at his espresso. I love when baristas do that!
Genius photog that I am (not), Ive managed to capture Doug Zell (Intelligentsia) and David Griswold (Sustainable Harvest) both with their eyes closed.
Jeppe wins second place in the World Aeropress Championship!!
Atilla with his magic black box onstage.
Atilla's drink, broken down after the magic.
The new World Aeropress Champion, Marie Hagemeister of Cafe Europa!! Go Denmark!

Whew! I finished moments before the announcement of the 12 semifinalists! Ill be back in a bit with photos of your 12 WBC Semifinalists!!

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