Cup of Excellence Caffeinates Women’s History Month with Exclusive Tastings

Cup of Excellence is hosting tastings of high-ranking coffees grown by women producers in Portland, Ore., and Turin, Italy.


Photos courtesy of Cup of Excellence

The Cup of Excellence has expanded rapidly in recent years. The globally renowned competition for green coffee continues to include more countries and entries, many of which include winning lots grown by women producers. This month, Cup of Excellence will host tastings in Portland, Ore., and Turin, Italy, of high-ranking coffees by female producers for the first time ever to benefit Grounds for Health.

A Month of Activities

Cup of Excellence has always been a heavy supporter of women in coffee, but this month’s lineup of events is even more focused on the women behind the competitions. “Women often take on the lion’s share of work in producing coffee and are disproportionately represented,“ says Anna Abatzoglou, manager director at COE. “The women’s coffee tasting events are part of a month-long campaign to feature not just producers, but women all along the value chain helping to make coffee happen. We’re trying to provide a platform to share their amazing stories for inspiration and to break biases.“

On top of hosting weekly Instagram Live chats amongst women in coffee, COE also hosted the Brunch for a Cause with ACE member Spirit Animal Coffee to support Honduran lots. The coffee tastings will mark yet another addition to the Women’s History Month festivities, and an opportunity to showcase high-scoring coffees from the latter half of 2021, featuring competition lots from Indonesia, Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador.

Lucia Maria Da Silva Dias of Fazenda Santa Alina in Brazil.

The specific coffees that will be featured are as follows (in no particular order):


Lucia Maria Da Silva Dias – Fazenda Santa Alina in Brazil – Natural Bourbon Amarelo
Ubaldina Jincho Aguirre – Alto Cedruyoc in Peru – Washed Bourbón
Diana Velez Rodriguez – Yamba Mine in Ecuador – Natural Sydra
Maria Rogéria Costa Pereira – Fazenda Irmãs Pereira in Brazil – Pulped Natural Gesha

Portland’s event will be at Either/Or café on March 26, featuring snacks and wine from women producers as well. Pre-registration is available here.

Turin, Italy

Marie Nakao Sasaki – Fazenda Catanduva II in Brazil – Natural Catuaí
Homero Teixeira De Macedo Junior – Fazenda Recreio in Brazil – Natural Gesha
Irma Espinoza García – Los Pinos in Peru – Natural Bourbón
Magaly Portilla Zambrano – El Arenal in Ecuador – Washed Gesha
Olinka Velez Rodriguez – Chorora in Ecuador – Honey Sydra
Mercedes Pérez Coronel – Las Naranjas in Peru – Washed Castillo Amarillo

This event marks a special occasion for Italy as well, since the country recently joined the International Women’s Coffee Alliance. ACE will be partnering with Lavazza for this event, which will be held March 29 at their headquarters in Turin. No pre-registration is required.

Another bonus coffee that guests will get to taste is the number-two-winning coffee from Indonesia by Ita Rosita, a Sigararutang variety from the region of Jawa Barat.

Maria Rogéria Costa Pereira of Fazenda Irmãs Pereira in Brazil.

COE’s First Women Producer-Exclusive Coffee Tasting

The team at Cup of Excellence is looking forward to host a coffee tasting that features exclusively women producers for the first time. “I’m excited to honor and celebrate some of these amazing female producers,“ exclaims Anna, “to send them the invite, menu, and photos of people enjoying their coffee, learning their stories and celebrating their achievements. The more we forge positive visibility of women, the more we can break biases and build equality.“

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