Colombia Revisited

No doubt the World Barista Championship held in Bogotá, Colombia this past June was one of the best ever. Not only with the winning barista hailing from a producing country (you can read all about Alejandro in the current issue of Barista Magazine) but with the event held in a producing country for the first time, the opportunity existed for many national champions to actually visit coffee farms and learn firsthand about the coffee production process and the people behind it. You can read about that in the August/September 2011 issue too.

The FNC (the national Colombian Coffee Federation) is really making a push to connect baristas with the Colombians who are working in coffee and to the end, the FNC has recently launched the Colombian Coffee Hub. It’s a very cool interactive site where coffee professionals from around the world can make connections and learn more about production.

And now you can watch a short video that gives a little more background on the barista champions coffee tour held just before the WBC. It’s pretty fun, as was the trip. Check it out here:

[vimeo 27504653]


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