Coffee Fest Atlanta Returns with Fun and Successful Show

A sign that says Coffee Fest Industry Only.

How Coffee Fest Atlanta flourished after the trade show changed locations from New York City.


Photos courtesy of Jillian Snider

Coffee gatherings are popping back up all across the U.S., and the team behind Coffee Fest has worked hard to match that pace. They have already managed to host trade shows in San Antonio and Atlanta, while Coffee Fest Anaheim and Coffee Fest PNW are on the books for later in 2021. However, this was not always the intended lineup. 

Initially, the second Coffee Fest show was scheduled to take place in New York, but in late March the team announced that the location would be changing to Atlanta due to the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 in New York City. Although bittersweet, the move allowed them to reach an audience that had been missed for nearly five consecutive years. This resulted in new attendees that were eager to benefit from the education, networking, and competition opportunities that the show offered. 

Competitions, Seminars, and More

A competition bracket with 48 baristas competing for the title of Latte Art World Champion dwindled over a three-day period. Ultimately, Piyapat Lateerawut took home the championship title, while Donald Perdomo earned second place and Emilee Bryant took third. Above the competition floor were award-winning pours being brewed, as well as seminars hosted by notable figures in the coffee community.

The education garden at Coffee Fest Atlanta
Successful seminars and discussions included those by Keys to the Shop and Black Girl Black Coffee with Phyllis Johnson.

Podcaster and coffee professional Chris Deferio (Keys to the Shop) hosted a seminar that proved to be quite popular. Another successful discussion was presented by both Phyllis Johnson of BD imports/CCRE and Neichelle Guidry of Black Girl Black Coffee, who provided commentary on the Black coffee experience and the inherently Black history of coffee. This inspiring seminar also empowered professionals to utilize the community surrounding coffee as a mechanism for social progress and innovation. 

A Bustling Exhibition Floor

But the innovation didn’t stop there, because while seminars and competitions were unfolding, the showroom floor of Coffee Fest was filled with a constant buzz of interested onlookers eager to taste and test new technology.

Demo coffee truck at Coffee Fest Atlanta
Outside of competitions and discussions, the showroom floor was filled with vendors.

Upon entering the gate to the showroom, attendees witnessed the line of elegantly designed Dalla Corte espresso machines and grinders. A short walk down the aisle led to Phoenix Roasters serving up creative nitro cold brews like the strawberry blonde hibiscus and a blueberry basil seltzer. These vendors were also joined by Mahlkönig, which was brewing some delicious Kenyan coffee from Portrait Coffee, a Black-owned roaster local to Atlanta. 

Machine demo
Portrait Coffee working alongside Mahlkönig for some stellar coffee samples.

Another very popular vendor, and one of the “best of fest” award recipients, was the MYLK cart. Many have been eager to test out the carefully formulated contents from Myracle Kitchen, and had lined up to do just that. Overall, the busy weekend proved that coffee folks in the United States are ready to get back into the trade show action. 

Best of fest at Coffee Fest Atlanta MYLK cart
The MYLK cart was a “best of fest” recipient at Coffee Fest this year.

Coffee Fest’s director Erika Lowery even mentioned that while the overall attendance may have been lower than the attendance at Coffee Fest NYC 2019, the number of on-site key buyers surpassed the numbers seen in 2019. With this in mind, it could be a plausible consideration to showcase your business at a coffee convention nearest to you if and when you feel safe to do so.

Jillian Snider (she/they) is a young coffee professional from Charlotte, N.C. They work with Smelly Cat Coffee as a barista and head roaster. They are passionate about coffee education and coffee equity, and believe coffee should be accessible and approachable for all. To learn more about Jillian’s journey through the world of coffee or to collaborate with Jillian, please feel free to find her on Instagram or reach out via email to, and as always, happy brewing, folks!

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