Coffee and Cannabis for 2 Nights In Seattle, Brought to you By Espresso Parts

Espresso Parts teams with Trichome and Anchorhead Coffee to Present Coffee and Cannabis a.k.a Espresso & Pourover Reimagined with Cannabis Oil During 2-Night SCAA Party

By Jeremy Martin

You know you’re in Seattle when… OK, this one might be a little too easy. But sometimes easy is awesome, and awesome is exactly what attendees of the Espresso Parts and Trichome #Elevated Coffee Experience should expect.

A two-night party merging coffee and cannabis, these twin peaks of consumable Seattle culture seeks to be the ultimate way to kick off the late night revelry that surrounds the 2015 Specialty Coffee Association of America weekend. The extravaganza begins Friday, April 10 with Anchorhead Coffee espresso drinks doctored with cannabis oil, and continues on Saturday night when Anchorhead mans a pourover bar serving fresh coffee infused once again with the fully legal (thank you, I-502) oil.

Details about Friday night here.

Details about Saturday night here.

œWe wanted to sponsor something that would be unique and stand out,  says Matt Myer of Espresso Parts. œWhat could be more unique in the world than the fact that in 2012, Washington State voters passed Initiative 502, effectively legalizing cannabis. We were excited to explore the idea and opportunity of hosting an event that combined Washington’s fastest growing industry ”cannabis ”and Washington’s most iconic industry ”coffee. 

coffee and cannabis
Out-of-town guests looking to see what two of Seattle’s most talked-about industries can do when they team up will do well to check out the Elevated Coffee Experience.

In order to make it all happen, Lacey-Wash.-based Espresso Parts ”which specializes in the creation and maintenance of espresso and coffee machinery and tools for the café owner ”partnered with Trichome, a Seattle company catering to nearly all aspects of the cannabis industry, from clothing, glassware, and joint rollers, to cases and household goods.

Trichome will also supply the event space: 618 Jackson St., Seattle, which can hold up to 75 partiers at a clip. œIt will be a great for guests to experience the ‘cannabis meets coffee’ movement in Washington State and consume their beverage in a welcoming space,  Matt continues. œWhen guests have finished their beverage, they’ll be free to shop for souvenirs and chat with friends. We expect to serve approximately 150 guests each night. 

The 21+ event is only open to SCAA attendees and though technically free, Espresso Parts and Trichome hope that guests will be inclined to donate any extra cash on hand to the Puget Soundkeeper Alliance, a not-for-profit group that helps keep the Sound clean and healthy for all of its inhabitants, human and otherwise.

œIn the past, we have volunteered and provided donations for several environmental groups including CoffeeKids, Stream Team of Thurston County, Climate Solutions, and the Washington State Department of Natural Resources to name a few,  says Matt. œWe always want to give back to the community with our events, and we’re passionate about preserving a clean environment for generations to come. Puget Soundkeeper strives to clean up the Puget Sound habitat to ensure healthy beaches, shellfish beds, and salmon runs. All of which are important to our local families and communities and protects our regional economy.

The party which was headed up by Espresso Parts media coordinator Panda Fernandez was conceived after Panda attended and volunteered at similar events hosted by Trichome.

œCannabis events are something new to the scene and still quite unique and difficult to find,  says Matt. œTrichome will create a professional experience during the Elevated Coffee Party. In addition, we chose to work with Anchorhead because they’re a great company that makes a quality roast. They’ve also been a sponsor for Trichome’s events from early on, so the decision [to work with them] was easy. 

Those attending may want to use the #ElevatedCoffee hashtag when posting about their experiences or connecting with other guests. The tag, which alludes to the coffee infusions also encourages attendees to think big about their place in the industry and what they are doing to make the community a better place.

œThe hashtag was created by Trichome. They have been hosting #ElevatedCoffee events at their space since around July of 2014. We want to inspire people to try something new and elevate their perspective, elevate the community by donating to the Soundkeeper Alliance, and elevate their mood,  Myer said.

If you happen to be unfamiliar with how cannabis oil reacts in your system or are concerned about dosing size, Trichome reps and Anchorhead baristas will be on hand to answer any of your questions and work with you to make sure you have the perfect beverage.



Jeremy Martin

Jeremy  Martin  is a freelance writer and photographer who has reported on coffee, craft beer, college sports, and business for a variety of publications over the past six years.  A veteran of the café industry and graduate of Western Michigan University, Jeremy lives in Seattle where can often be found making sandwiches from whatever is left in the fridge and cracking wise for the amusement of his adoring wife Amanda.

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