Camp Coffee

From the looks of the Barista Guild of America’s Facebook photo album, all is well at the first ever East Coast Barista Guild of America Camp Pull-A-Shot. Well, except that someone gave these two clowns weapons…

Pete Licata (left) and Joe Marrocco wielding weapons at Barista Camp.

But anyway, we’re so stoked! Not like it’s a big surprise that Camp would go over so well, since it’s been a runaway hit since it debuted in Southern California in the fall of 2010. That West Coast camp repeated in the fall of 2011, and will again this fall, once again at the awesome El Capitan location just outside of Santa Barbara, California.

No one doubted that the East Coast version would be a smash hit ”there are plenty of baristas in that part of the world that wanted a barista retreat to attend, too. The BGA has done a spectacular job of finding great locations for Camp, keeping the workshops top notch, and also offering a pretty darn affordable price tag for baristas, who aren’t often found rolling around on their beds in a sea of $100 bills. So thay appreciate it.

Even though the East Coast Camp, which began on June 4, won’t be officially over until tomorrow, it’s fair to say now that Project East Coast Camp was such a big hit that it will repeat again in 2013 ”fingers crossed!

If you’re interested in attending the West Coast camp this fall, stay tuned to the BGA’s website for details about registration. Camp will take place in October, though exact dates have not been announced.

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