BMag’s Humpday Giveaway Winner! #44 (Jan. 8, 2014 Edition)

With the holidays behind us, it was time to get back on schedule with work as well as the super fun things we do on a regular basis: we had a Humpday Hiatus on December 25 and January 1, but we came back full force yesterday with the first of 2014’s Humpday Giveaways!

Our friends at Boston Stoker Coffee Roasters in Ohio were kind enough to donate the awesome prize for this week’s Humpday Giveaway: a beautifully packaged set of some of the company’s most special coffees, which retails for $49.95. The Boston Stoker team describes what’s included in the kit:

·                  16oz of Custom House –  This is a  full-bodied blend in the European tradition. A staple Boston Stoker offering since 1973.

·                  8oz of La Minita “ We chose to feature this coffee due to our long standing relationship with La Minita and our continued commitment to a better cup of quality.

·                  8oz of La Meseta “ This is a coffee Henry developed and sourced directly over the years and he has finally gotten it into the states. It is a part of our current path of sourcing directly with the farmers to get more money to the source and a better cup of coffee to our customers.

·                  8 oz each of Ethiopia Konga Yirgacheffe /Ethiopia Kochere Yirgacheffe- We included these two African coffees to show how diverse coffees from the same region and processing station but processed differently can taste to help educate the public on the wonderful diversities of coffee. We understand not everyone has the pallet of a seasoned barista but even the untrained pallet can pick out the differences of these two.

The Boston Stoker Sample Kit features 5 different coffees to try.
The Boston Stoker Sample Kit features 5 different coffees to try.

If you’re not the very lucky winner of this week’s Humpday Giveaway, never fear:  you can always order a set for yourself by calling Boston Stoker at 800-745-5282. (And they’ll be available soon on the company’s  online store.)

Enough of this chit chat ”you guys want to find out who’s going to win this bad boy!

You all submitted your guesses for the answer to this trivia question, which ”as all Humpday Giveaway trivia questions do ”came out of the  current issue of Barista Magazine.

QUESTION: According to Darren Daniel’s Field Report on Indonesia both palm oil and coffee exports are vital to the Indonesian economy. How much revenue does each bring into the country?

ANSWER:  Palm oil was $21.6 billion and coffee was $1.5 billion!

Great job to everyone who entered and gave the correct answer (and of course included the required information of  first  and  last names  plus  country of residence)!

We put everyone who got it right in the pool, selected one at random, and voilá! We’ve got a winner, and it’s  James Goh!

Congratulations, James!  We’ll be contacting you shortly by email for your mailing address so the nice folks at Boston Stoker can put this killer kit of coffee in the mail to you right away!

As for the rest of you, we’ll see you next week for Humpday Giveaway. Want a hint about next week’s prize? Let’s just say it starts with a Bar- and ends with an -atza. Cheers!


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