BMag Prize Bag – May 17, 2018

Welcome to the BMag Prize Bag for May 17, 2018, your chance to win fabulous coffee prizes!

BMag Prize Bag - May 17, 2018
You can win your own copy of the just-releaased Lonely Planet’s Global Coffee Tour with today’s BMag Prize Bag!

The BMag Prize Bag is our newest addition to Barista Magazine Online! When we have an awesome prize to share with our readers, like we do today, we’ll post a trivia question. You get to answer it below, then we take all of the correct answers, drop them in a proverbial hat, and pull out one lucky winner. It could be you!

Today’s prize is a copy of the brand-new Lonely Planet’s Global Coffee Tour! The 272-page hardback book will help you find your way to great coffee no matter where in the world you are. Featuring photographs and descriptions of farms, roasteries, and cafés across 37 countries and six continents, the Lonely Planet experts will tell you where to go and what to try. Whether you’re looking for coffee in London, Auckland, Melbourne, Rome, Vancouver, Portland, or countless other cities, Lonely Planet’s Global Coffee Tour won’t steer you wrong in your international coffee crawl.

You can purchase your own copy (or as a gift for friends or new graduates) from popular online booksellers like Powell’s, Amazon, or directly from Lonely Planet.

Of course, you can also win your own personal copy right here today by answering the trivia question below and throwing your name into the BMag Prize Bag! And since it’s a global book for a global audience, we’ll ship the prize to you no matter where you are, inside or outside the U.S.A.

BMag Prize Bag - May 17, 2018
Complete your coffee set with a copy of the new book Lonely Planet’s Global Coffee Tour with today’s BMag Prize Bag!

Our trivia question comes from the most recent issue of Barista Magazine, the April + May 2018 Anniversary Issue. (You can read the e-pub here or download the free app here.) You have until Saturday, May 19, 2018 at 12:00 a.m. PDT to enter. We will post the winner on BMag Online on Sunday, May 20, 2018.

Question: What year were the first coffee trees planted in Puerto Rico?

Good luck, and thank you for participating in the BMag Prize Bag for May 17, 2018!


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