BMag Back Atcha “ Weeks of April 21 – May 4, 2014

Hello and welcome to BMag Back Atcha our (usually) weekly round up of all our posts here on the blog. We missed last week because we were in the thick of the USBC, Brewers Cup and SCAA Expo, so this one’s going to be extra long. It’s worth it, though, because we had some really great stories, and if you missed any of them, you can find them all here.

Let’s get started!

Irish barista sensation and owner of 3FE Colin Harmon (who was featured on the on the cover of the December 2012 + January 2013 issue of BMag) came to the States to promote and tour with the new espresso machine from Victoria Arduino. It’s pretty cool and you can read about it here:
Colin Flies Into USA On the Wings of the Black Eagle


Then we continued with our profiles of regional brewer champs in the lead up to the US Brewers Cup Champion. And it was “Dangerous Grounds” star and LaColombe owner Todd Carmichael.
Meet the U.S. Regional Champs: NE Brewers Cup ”Todd Carmichael


Then it was our Northeast Regional Champion profile of J. Park Brannen from Counter Culture Coffee in New York.
Meet the U.S. Regional Champs: NE Barista ”J. Park Brannen


We had our activities list for the week in Seattle, and if you missed out or just want relive the moment, you can check them out all over again.
Barista Mag’s Must-Do List for This Week In Seattle


Joshua Wismans works at Colectivo Coffee in Milwaukee, and he’s the North Central Barista Champion.
Meet the U.S. Regional Champs: North Central Barista ”Joshua Wismans


Intelligentsia’s George Burnett won the North Central Brewers Cup, and his profile is right here:
Meet the U.S. Regional Champs: NC Brewers Cup ”George Burnett


We played another round of our weekly trivia contest for fun and prizes, Humpday Giveaway, with an Espresso Parts tamper and goodie bag up for grabs.
Let’s Play Barista Magazine’s Humpday Giveaway! #59 (April 23, 2014 Edition)

And the winner:
Barista Magazine’s Humpday Giveaway Winner! #59 (April 23, 2014 Edition)


We had a profile of Panther Coffee’s Camilla Ramos, the Southeast Regional Barista Champion.
Meet the U.S. Regional Champs: SE Barista ”Camila Ramos


And we had a profile of Southeast Regional Brewers Cup winner, Counter Culture’s, Jonathan Bonchak:
Meet the U.S. Regional Champs: SE Brewers Cup ”Jonathan Bonchak


Then our SCAA event coverage really began in earnest. There are loads of stories many of them from our special events reporter on the ground, Jeremy Martin, so let’s just get to the links!
Welcome to the 2014 SCAA!

U.S. Barista Championship Semifinals!

Understanding Sensory Analytics: SCAA Workshop Series

The Hottest Products at the SCAA, Part 1

U.S. AeroPress Champ is Crowned

Sarah Dooley, Erin Meister, Trevor Corlett, and Joe Marrocco Speak on Creating Careers in Coffee at SCAA

More of the Coolest New Products From the SCAA Show Floor

What Are You Doing Here? SCAA Show Attendee Profiles

Best of the SCAA Show Floor, part 3

The Real Stars of the SCAA Show ”The Volunteers

That’s A Wrap: SCAA Seattle Event Goes Down in History


Alright so if you’ve made it this far, you’ll be happy to know that we’re almost through the most recent week.


We had another Humpday Giveaway with a set of Coava Coffee mugs up for the prize to celebrate the Portland, Ore. coffee companies second location opening.
Let’s Play Barista Magazine’s Humpday Giveaway! #60 (April 30, 2014 Edition)
Barista Magazine’s Humpday Giveaway Winner! #60 (April 30, 2014 Edition)


We had a story on Counter Culture’s ongoing educational opportunities. If you’re around any of their locations, you should check them out!
From Grinder Technology to the Kenyan Market, CCC’s Got Education Goin’ On


While many of the eyes in coffee were focused on the Pacific Northwest, the crew at Caffeine Crawl was hard at work in the Midwest where they had a great installment of their event in St. Louis.
Caffeine Crawl Proves St. Louis is One of America’s Next Best Coffee Cities


We were back with another “10 Minutes With” piece this time featuring Athens, Greece-based specialty coffee company, Taf Coffee’s  Yiannis Taloumis.
10 Minutes With Yiannis Taloumis


Catching up with our very first “10 Minutes With” subject Cuvee Coffee‘s Mike McKim, we found out what his company’s been up to, and the answer is a lot of cool stuff!
Everybody’s Loving On Cuvée Coffee


Finally, even though the SCAA in Seattle is over (for this year anyway), that doesn’t mean there isn’t still stuff going on around here:
Hey, Pacific Northwest, the Party’s Not Over!


And that takes us through two full weeks here on the BMag blog! Thanks for stopping by and remember to come back all this coming week for more daily news, events and people in coffee!

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