BMag Back Atcha “ Week of September 2 “September 8, 2013

Hooray for Sunday! This last day of the week (or first day of the next, whichever you want to call it), is a great time for brewing a cup of some stellar coffee and settling down to catch up on news of the week you may have been too busy to catch.

We love providing the specialty coffee community with daily news on our blog ”that’s 365 days a year, folks. Here’s a quick reference sheet complete with links to all the news we covered in the last 7 days.

On Monday, we featured Part 2 of Don Niemyer’s continuing column,  The Rialta Coffee Tour. As he and his family tour cafes and microroasteries around the country, living out of their Rialta RV, Don contributes his observations and explorations to Barista Magazine’s blog in well-written, interesting stories full of photos.

Also on Monday, Sarah was on location in Moscow, Russia, with some of the best baristas in the world, who had gathered as guests of Russian specialty coffee company, Soyuz Coffee Roasters, to be part of the annual Specialty Coffee Show in Red Square. In her story, Sarah shares photos and news from the activities in Red Square, including up-close-and-personal with WBC Champ Pete Licata.

As part of the Specialty Coffee Show on Red Square, the nine champion baristas presented sold-out educational sessions for Russian baristas. On Tuesday, Sarah reported on Pete’s popular lecture about grinding and dosing.

Also on Tuesday, we previewed the awesome prize that would be offered for the week’s Humpday Giveaway contest: some totally killer Rattleware latte art milk pitchers.

And all of a sudden, it was Wednesday, which around here means Humpday Giveaway time! Close to 100 of you entered to win the beautiful Rattleware latte art pitchers donated this week from Visions Espresso.

On Thursday morning, we randomly drew one lucky name from the correct responses to Wednesday’s Humpday Giveaway trivia contest, and the winner was… Sarah Hovar! Sarah is now the proud owner of a set of powder coated Rattleware latte art pitchers from Visions!

On Friday, back in Moscow, Sarah reported on 2011 WBC Champ Alejandro Mendez’s lecture about origin and processing for an excited group of Russian baristas. Assisted by William Hernandez, El Salvador’s 2013 national barista champion, as well as third-place winner of the 2013 WBC, the lecture was complex and detailed, as Alejandro and William took Russian baristas through the lifecycle of a coffee cherry.

Ken previewed the International Coffee Week extravaganza that will be taking place in Brazil next week in his blog post on Saturday. From the Brazilian Barista Championship, to Cup of Excellence, to the 50th anniversary of the ICO, Bela Horizonte, Brazil, will be electric with coffee activities and celebration next week. Stay tuned for Ken’s blog posts from the field September 9 “15!

Be sure to come back to this here blog every day for the latest in news of our specialty coffee industry!

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