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Greetings and salutations, BMag blog readers! Welcome to another Sunday and with it our one-stop posting for all of our blog activity this week. So without further ado, let’s see what we’ve been up to this week (and you can see if there are any posts you missed.) Onward!

First up we had  a post you should certainly give a read to if you haven’t already about an awesome effort by Toby’s Estate  in New York to educate their staff and customers about some sweet Geshas from Panama. The company  held an in-house competition, the winner of which would be sent to the famous Santa Teresa farm in Panama and be tasked with bringing back an amazing Gesha for Toby’s to roast. But the entries were so compelling that they ended up sending two people instead of just one! And both of them wrote about their experiences.
Toby’s Staffers Dig Their Heels Into Panama in a Unique Educational Exploration


Then we had a post about  Emeran Langmaid, owner of  A&E Coffee Roastery and Tea  in New Hampshire, who is planning on launching a monthly TNT (Thursday Night Throwdown) series across New England. We’re fired up and fully onboard for the effort to build the New England coffee community and think it’s an awesome idea!
TNTs to Take Over New England ”Every. Damn. Month.


Wednesday came up next, and we know what that means: Humpday Giveaway! Another fun round of our weekly trivia contest for fun and prizes. This week’s prize went to a pair of winners, who each snagged their own BMag t-shirt! Don’t worry if you didn’t win, or if for some awful reason forgot to play this week, there will be another chance to win this Wednesday!
Let’s Play Barista Magazine’s Humpday Giveaway! #33 (October 9, 2013 Edition)


Then it was another roadtrip story, this one, however, had a twist. It wasn’t people who’d be tripping, it was a tamper! Curious, read on.  Prima Coffee ˜s  Prima Tamp  is really awesome and unique: its adjustable angle allows the barista a more ergonomic option for putting that pressure on the coffee in the portafilter. The coffee nerds who made the tamp knew it would be met with some raised eyebrows, but they were confident it would be embraced by a huge audience, after they’d tried it themselves. And they were right. Want to know how you can try it out? Read the whole post here:
Tamp Road Trip!


Big things are underway in Italy as HOST Milan and La Marzocco’s Out of the Box event are both happening there in the upcoming week.  With great coffee equipment, of course, comes great coffee, and La Marzocco is insisting on nothing less than the best for their 2-day spectacle. You can find out about all of the roasters who will be featured at the  La Marzocco Out of the Box  event.
25 Outstanding Roasters Featured at La Marzocco Out of the Box Next Week!


If you know Barista Magazine then you know we love  Barista Nation ”we’ve been a supporter since it first began in May of 2011! Since then, the event ”which offers free education to coffee communities around the globe ”has grown and developed into one of the most important forums for learning and community building that exists in the specialty coffee industry. Well the next installment will happen early next month and registration has just opened. So if you’re in the Midwest, you’ll want to get yourself to Kansas City, Mo., and check it out!
Registration for Barista Nation Kansas City Opens Today!


Finally we had news from Joe Bean Coffee Roasters  in Rochester, N.Y.  where they’ve started a new series of educational events called Nexus Night.  In hopes of generating uniquely focused events, each Nexus Night is developed to highlight a specific aspect of coffee or the pairing potential of a coffee with another fine food and beverage. To this end, individual Nexus Nights fall into three broad categories: Cuppings, Pairings, and Celebrations.
Joe Bean Launches Nexus Nights, Coffee Science Education, and more


That’s a wrap for this week’s work on the blog. Thanks again for stopping by! And come back throughout the week for reports from Italy, news, events, and of course your chance to win Humpday Giveaway!

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