BMag Back Atcha “ Week of June 9 “15, 2014

It’s been all World Barista Championship coverage, all the time, here on Barista Magazine’s blog this past week. Our intent was to provide useful information to those staying in Rimini, Italy, for the annual event, as well as provide gobs of information about what we’re doing and seeing in the seaside village for readers around the world who are watching from afar. We hope we’ve succeeded!

We returned to our regularly scheduled programming ”that is, news about a variety of coffee trends and events from locations across the globe ”yesterday (Saturday), but before we’re too far past the excitement of the World Barista Championship, we’re offering a chance to catch up with all the articles and photos we published this last week. Here are the quick links to each of them:

On Monday, we previewed all the cool beach parties scheduled for Rimini. As this is Italy’s big beach party town, we were primed to enjoy all the city had to offer. Check it all out HERE.

The WBC began on Monday, and we had a post about all the action with wonderful photos by Kate Beard, on Tuesday. Catch up with all the competitors’ performances in the first half of the preliminary round HERE.

The WBC preliminary action continued on Tuesday, and we posted a report and photos from that, as well. Read part two of that coverage which we posted Wednesday  HERE.

Also on  Wednesday, we posted photos that captured the intensity and excitement at the announcement of which 12 baristas would continue on to the WBC semifinal round. See that post HERE.

On  Thursday, we began our annual live posts and photos from the final round of the competition.

¢ Read our performance report for  WBC finalist #2, William Hernandez of El Salvador. Read it HERE.

¢ Read our performance report for WBC finalist #2, Kapo Chiu of Hong Kong HERE.

¢ Read our performance report for WBC finalist #3, Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood of the UK  HERE.

¢ Read our performance report for WBC finalist #4, Craig Simon of Australia HERE.

¢ Read our performance report for WBC finalist #5, Hidenori Izaki of Japan (who as you know went on to WIN) HERE.\

¢ Read our performance report for WBC finalist #6, Chris Loukakis of Greece HERE.

On Friday we posted a great piece by Kate Beard about action around the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe’s show, as well as the World AeroPress Championship, HERE.

On Saturday, we switched up locations with a terrific piece about great coffee to be found in Central Oregon by Bethany Hargrove. Check out the story and photos HERE.


We’re excited to be headed back to the United States shortly for a busy summer of coffee, coffee, coffee. We invite you to visit our blog often, as we feature original content every single day about coffee action happening around the world. It’s going to be a great summer!

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