BMag Back Atcha “ Week of January 20 “ January 26, 2014

It’s been another busy week as we turn the corner on the first month of 2014 and head into February. We covered all the news and people making things happen this week in specialty coffee on our daily news blog, right here! In case you missed any of our original articles, here are quick links to all of them! So settle in and do some catch-up ”we promise you’ll enjoy yourself!

On  Monday, from Rimini, Italy, our publisher, Kenneth R. Olson, wrote his last coverage of the enormous and exciting SIGEP show, where the Italian Coffee Championships were held. Read it HERE.

Also on  Monday, we profiled Nik Virrey, whose work in Seattle includes being the director of education for Slate Coffee, and the co-founder of Matte & Gloss. Oh, and head bartender at the amazing Liberty Bar. Busy guy. Read it HERE.

Also on  Monday, we were excited to share news about a really special collaboration to raise money for children’s cancer research that Counter Culture Coffee and indie phenom the Avett Brothers put together. Read it HERE.

On  Tuesday, we profiled the awesome Jess MacDonald, roaster for Square Mile Coffee Roasters in London. Read all about her HERE.

Also on  Tuesday, we offered up some really interesting facts and numbers about how nondairy alternatives like soy, coconut, and almond milk compare to whole milk. Read it HERE.

On  Wednesday, it was time for our wildly popular weekly trivia contest, Humpday Giveaway! We had a pretty sweet gift pack up for grabs, and loads of people entered to win! Read it HERE.

Also of  Wednesday, we profiled Andrew Hetzel of Cafemakers in Hawaii. Read all about him HERE.

On  Thursday, we announced the name of the lucky winner of the prize pack from Costas of Sweden in our Humpday Giveaway winner post! Read it HERE.

Also on  Thursday, we profiled Dan Griffin, who has worked at cafes all around the country, and now manages relationships between roasters and producers for TG LABS in Guatemala. Read it HERE.

Also on  Thursday, we profiled Noah Namowicz of Café Imports, who has been a trailblazer in connecting baristas with green buying education and practices. Read it HERE.

On  Friday, we wrote about the release party for the awesome coffee beer, Java the Hop, which took place in Portland on Thursday night. The beer is a collaboration between Coava Coffee Roasters and Fort George Brewery. Read it HERE.

Also on  Friday, we featured an article about a recent throw down hosted by the San Diego Coffee Network that was hosted at Caffe Calabria. Read it HERE.

On  Saturday, we featured milk and coffee scientist Morten Münchow of Copenhagen in our series, “10 Minutes With…” Read it HERE.

And today,  Sunday, we were excited to feature our profile of Jesse Harriott, coffee roaster and also inventor and builder of pour over stands, who hails from Louisville, Kentucky. Read it HERE.

Thanks for reading Barista Magazine’s blog! And be sure to come back every day next week for more original articles and profiles of leaders in the specialty coffee industry!


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