BMag Back Atcha “ Week of February 3 “9, 2014

It’s been a wild week in coffee, let me tell you! Maybe it feels that way in part because Portland, Ore. ”where Barista Magazine’s HQ are based ”is undergoing snopocalypse 2014. But so is a lot of the rest of the country. It was also a bananas week with publisher Ken Olson in Colombia through Friday, so there was a lot going on! Miss any of the action we covered here on our daily blog last week? Well, we gotcha covered. Here are quick links to all the articles we published right here in the past 7 days.

On Monday, we profiled the amazing Jason Burton of the LAB in Kansas City in our uber popular online series, “10 Minutes With…” Read the story HERE.

Also on Monday, we introduced you to the hottest new cafe in San Luis Obispo, Calif., Scout Coffee by Jon and Sara Peterson. Check out the details and the photos HERE.

On Tuesday, we wrote about the new concept cafe in Bogota, Colombia, Origenes de Juan Valdez, which Ken visited and photographed. Check out the amazing space HERE.

Also on Tuesday, we broke the news about the first Northwest Coffee Educators Conference which will be held April 4 “5 in Seattle! Get all the details HERE.

Also on Tuesday, we shared a story by Panda at Espresso Parts about what went down at the TNTNW last week at Toast in Seattle. Check out the story and the photos HERE.

Also on Tuesday, we profiled coffee blogger Drew Moody in our “10 Minutes With” series. Drew runs the blog “A Table in the Corner of the Cafe.” Read all about him HERE.

Also on Tuesday, we featured part 2 of our extensive interview with Bill Fishbein, founder of Coffee Kids. This interview will continue every Tuesday in February. To read it, go HERE.

On Wednesday, it was time for our weekly blog contest Humpday Giveaway! We put three of our brand new Barista Magzine tshirts up for grabs in this trivia contest. Go HERE to read about it!

Also on Wednesday, we featured Emily McIntyre’s article about the amazing Caffeine Crawl that took place in San Diego, California, complete with photos from the cafes on the tour. Go HERE to check it all out!

Also on Wednesday, we featured “10 Minutes With Nathan Hoida.” Nathan is the QC manager for Colectivo Coffee, and a heck of an interesting guy. Read all about him HERE.

On Thursday, we were excited to do our Humpday Giveaway drawing to see who the winners of the three tshirts from Barista Magazine would be! Find out the lucky winners HERE.

Also on Thursday, we had a little article about some great Scandinavian coffee beers. Check it out HERE.

Also on Thursday, we announced some breaking latte art competition news from Coffee Fest. Check it out HERE.

On Friday, we were excited to feature our old friend Bj Davis in “10 Minutes With.” Bj is the co-owner of Bee Coffee Roasters in Indianapolis. Read about her HERE.

On Saturday, we announced that we’re experiencing some mail problems due to the snow in Portland and also the rest of the United States. Read publisher Ken Olson’s notes about what you can expect HERE.

Also on Saturday, we presented “10 Minutes With James Tooill.” James is the roaster for Argo Sons Coffee in Louisville, and the third place finisher in the recent SE Brewers Cup. Read all about him HERE.

Thanks for reading Barista Magazine’s daily blog, folks. See you next week!




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