BMag Back Atcha “ Week of February 24 “March 2, 2014

Happy March, everybody! It’s still as soggy and cold as ever here in Portland, Oregon, but there are certain signs of spring outside ”that means big events like the United States Barista Championship, the World Barista Championship, the Cafe Imports trip to Ecuador, and lots of other fun stuff will be here soon!

We’ve certainly been keeping busy writing about all the cool stuff ”and people! ”in the specialty-coffee industry this past week. In case you missed any of our daily news coverage on our blog, here are quick links to all the stories. So grab a hot cup of coffee, snuggle under a blanket with your laptop, and dig into some Sunday afternoon reading.

On  Monday, we interviewed David Walsh, who runs research and development for Marco Beverage Systems in Dublin, for our “10 Minutes With” series. Check out the interview HERE.

Also on  Monday, we shared news about registration for the first United States Latte Art Championship, which will be held at SCAA in April, being open! But there are only 20 spots! Get the info you need by going HERE!

On  Tuesday, we were thrilled to feature the newly crowned Northwest Regional Barista Champion, Ms. Laila Ghambari, in a feature profile. Laila was just back from Los Angeles and the Big Western competition, where she took home first prize. See what she has to say about the experience HERE.

Also on  Tuesday,  we were excited to preview the always-exciting Ka’u Coffee Festival, which takes place on the Big Island of Hawaii in May! Read all about it HERE.

On  Wednesday, it was time for our weekly Humpday Giveaway contest! The awesome prize donated by notNeutral got a lot of attention from you guys! Check it out HERE.

Also on  Wednesday, we weren’t the only ones who loved the “10 Minutes With” column we posted about Houston Miller of Quills Coffee ”loads of you guys read it and loved it, too! You can check it out HERE.

Also on Wednesday, we shared news about the Tulsa Coffee Crawl, which took place in Tulsa, Oklahoma this weekend. There’s a lot going on in the coffee world of Tulsa ”check it out HERE!

On  Thursday morning, it was time to do the random drawing from all the Humpday Giveaway contest entrants who had submitted the right answer to our trivia contest! And the winner was… (go HERE to find out!)

Also on  Thursday, we showcased the great work of Ricardo Pereira of Ally Coffee and Due South Coffee Roasters. Find out why we think Ricardo is so inspiring by going HERE.

On  Friday, we wanted to share the news that Alexander Ruas won the Eastern Regional Swedish Barista Cup! Alexander is a pretty interesting guys ”go HERE to see why!

Also on  Friday, we featured the mighty Joe Tynan of Melbourne, Australia’s Code Black Coffee in our “10 Minutes With” series. Joe has worked at just about all the best coffee places in Melbourne ”see what he has to say by going HERE.

On  Saturday, we told you guys about Levi Andersen’s coffee podcast, Audio Cafe, that has gotten really popular really fast, thanks to the stellar guest speakers he’s hosted, and interesting topics he’s tackled. Find out more by going HERE.

Also on  Saturday, we were delighted to introduce you to the adorable couple behind the coffee blog, Purista, David and Mae Clark. They’re super interesting, and we love their blog. Find out why HERE.

What a week it was! We look forward to you coming back this coming week ”it’s going to be pretty exciting! We have an awesome prize lined up for Humpday Giveaway on Wednesday, Sarah will be reporting live from the French Coffee Championships in Paris, and Ken’s headed to Coffee Fest New York! We’ll also have some extra special “10 Minutes With” features. There’s so much happening! See you back here every day this week!


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