BMag Back Atcha “ Week of December 23 “29, 2013

Happy last Sunday of 2013, everybody! As excited as we are to start a great year on Wednesday (2014, waaazzzuppp?!!), we’ve been enjoying reflecting on the most popular posts we’ve had in the past year right here on Barista Magazine’s blog for the past 7 days. Thousands and thousands of you visit our blog every day, and some of you catch all the news we post. But for those of you who’ve missed a few things, we spent the past week reposting the blog articles that have attracted the most readers over the course of the last year.

The week actually began with some tips and tricks for the cafe, as well as a tribute to baristas we’ve sadly lost in 2013. We invite you to join us for this patchwork retrospective of what was a memorable year.

On  Monday, we presented a refresher course in  Preventative Maintenance for your espresso equipment. Granted, this wasn’t actually on our blog, but it appeared in Barista Magazine’s print edition, and was super popular, so we reposted the tips offered by the author, Alex Lambert, tech wizard for Stumptown Coffee. Go HERE for the story.

Not everyone celebrates Christmas, but we thought Tuesday, Christmas Eve, was a special enough day to devote our website to the memory of two incredibly talented baristas who we lost this year. Both were far too young, and are missed by our community as a whole. Go HERE to read the story.

On  Wednesday we began our Year in Review of most popular blog articles to appear here on Barista Mag’s site in earnest, starting with the best pours from the World Latte Art Championship. Go HERE to read the story.

Also on  Wednesday, we reposted a terrific piece about how a non-coffee professional has learned to live with an obsessive barista. Go HERE to read the story.

On  Thursday, we reposted a very popular piece about some awesome women roasters working in the U.S. today. Go HERE to read the story.

Also on  Thursday, we reposted an article about the new filter coffee brewer that Tim Wendelboe helped develop with a Scandinavian company that might change the way we drink drip. Go HERE to read the story.

On  Friday, we reposted the most popular coverage we featured from the 2013 World Barista Championship in Melbourne. Each year for the finals, we write on-the-spot coverage with live photos from each of the six finalists’ performances. These receive thousands and thousands of views. To see the article about United States Champ  Pete Licata’s performance ”which won him the World title ”go HERE. To read our article about Australian champ Matt Perger’s performance, go HERE. To read about El Salvador’s champ, William Hernandez’s WBC performance, go HERE. And to read about how New Zealand’s champ, Nick Clark, fared in the WBC finals, go HERE.

On  Saturday,  we reposted a super popular article about Barista Magazine’s super popular new App: Coffee Scout! This crowd-sharing App allows cafe owners around the world to add their shop to a map that can be accessed by coffee lovers anywhere for free! To read all about how it works, go HERE.

Also on Saturday, we posted a really awesome article about the Center Camp Cafe, which is the central meeting point at the annual Burning Man event. We had the inside scoop on how the cafe works, how the baristas are trained, and what the coffee’s like. Go HERE to read the story.

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