BMag Back Atcha “ Week of December 16 “22, 2013

Oh, lovely Sunday… it’s practically made for snuggling up on the couch with a blanket and doing some reading. So grab a cup of coffee and join us to review all the news we featured every day last week from our beloved coffee industry!

On  Monday, we were excited to share the awesome story of how Vail Mountain Coffee in Colorado is assisting an outdoor adventure program for cancer survivors by donating proceeds from its whole bean sales to the organization. Read about it HERE.

On  Tuesday,  we were gearing up for the last Thursday Night Throwdowns of the year happening all over the United States. We included details about location, time, and special activities (MarioKart 64, anyone?) happening at these events. Read about it HERE.

On  Wednesday,  we revealed the super-awesome prize for last week’s Humpday Giveaway ”which as you know is our weekly blog contest where anyone can win a great coffee prize just by answering a simple trivia question. Read about it HERE.

Also on  Wednesday, we presented a back flushing refresher course. No matter how experienced a barista you might be, it’s always great to review the basics to make sure you’re caring for your precious espresso equipment properly. Read about it HERE.

On  Thursday, we announced the lucky winner of the week’s Humpday Giveaway contest! Read about it HERE.

Also on  Thursday,  we introduced you to a brand new cold brew system that allows you to make three coffees at the same time, all in the same beautiful cold drip tower. Read about it HERE.

On  Friday, we were excited to share the news of a great promotion in the name of the late Nelson Mandela by our friend, Torque Coffee’s Ryan Palmer. Read about it HERE.

Also on  Friday,  we were stoked to tell you about an amazing day-long competition prep workshop being hosted by InterAmerican Coffee and Nuova Simonelli. It’s free but space is limited to 10 people, so you should sign up now! Read about it HERE.

On  Saturday,  we reported on the very successful and super fun TNT held at Portland Roasting on December 19, where competitors had to use Pacific Natural Foods’ new Almond Milk for their drinks ”and they loved it! Read all about it HERE.

So there you have it, folks ”original, daily news coming atcha from Barista Magazine every day of the year. Come back for more all next week!

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