Big Train Debuts Dairy-Free Line of Blenders Just in Time for Summer

Psst! They can be used for hot or iced drinks, too!

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These days, nondairy café options can hardly be called “alternatives,” as more and more customers seek healthier options for their espresso and coffee drink add-ons. That’s why we’re so excited about the launch of the Big Train Dairy Free mixes, which are amazingly yummy in frozen blended drinks, and arrive just in time for summer menus.

Big Train Dairy Free mix flavors include MochaLatte, and Caramel Latte for coffee, and Horchata for crème, and are super simple to use: Just throw the mix together with your choice of milk or plant milk and plenty of ice into a blender, and you’re done!

“More than ever, consumers are demanding options that will help them achieve their overall wellness goals. Small substitutions, like using nondairy alternatives, leave consumers feeling like they’ve made a healthier choice without sacrificing taste and enjoyment,” says Big Train strategic marketing director Abhishek Trivedi. “The milk alternatives market in the United States is currently a $2.4 billion industry (source: Nielsen). Big Train Dairy Free allows customers, regardless of their dietary needs or preferences, to indulge in their favorite frappe, mocha, steamer, chai, or latte.”

You can serve the Big Train Dairy Free options as they are, or play with special recipes such as Saturday Morning Cartoons (with Big Train Dairy Free Horchata), Orange Mocha Frappe (with Big Train Dairy Free Mocha), Creamy Peanut Oat Latte (with Big Train Dairy Free Caramel Latte), Charmed Frappe (with Big Train Dairy Free Latte), and countless others—just check out the recipes section of Big Train’s website for endless combinations you can use in your shop, and be inspired for crafting your own original drink recipes.

Pictured from left: Creamy Peanut Oat Latte; Charmed Frappe; and Orange Mocha Frappe. Saturday Morning Cartoons featured in opening photo.

“Consumers are looking for options that fit into their definition of healthy, while still indulging in great-tasting drinks,” Abhishek continues. “As plant-based and dairy alternatives continue to grow, there is an obvious gap for many operators to keep up with these trends. Making and customizing frappes and lattes to meet the needs of dairy-free customers can be time-consuming and expensive. Big Train Dairy Free offers a simple swap for operators, allowing them to meet customer needs without compromising on taste or quality.”

Summer is a perfect time to bump up your menu offerings with these easy-to-prepare, high-ticket options that your health-conscious (as well as simply sweet-toothed) customers will appreciate—not to mention delight in as a summertime treat.

Oh, and did we mention that besides these blended options, you can use them to make amazing hot drinks and iced drinks? Check out recipes like A Lighter Hot Oat LatteHot and Spicy Horchata, and more at Big Train Dairy Free online today. 

Left: Hot and Spicy Horchata; right: A Lighter Hot Oat Latte
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