Baristas to compete in the Cube at the Moscow Coffee and Tea Expo

From October 1 to 4 in Crocus Expo, The Coffee Box will host the Moscow Barista Championship 2014, master classes and lectures from highly skilled coffee professionals, tastings, experiments, and more!

œWe are incredibly excited about the high level of skill that the internationally renowned coffee professionals we have invited to the Moscow Coffee and Tea Expo will bring,  says Christopher Tara-Browne, founder and owner of Traveler’s Coffee. œIn the space we call ˜The Coffee Box,’ they will be teaching master classes to attendees throughout the show. In addition, the Moscow Barista Championship will take place, and the winners will receive special cups made by the legendary Reg Barber. Reg is known for the stunning trophies he creates for barista competitions around the world, and of course for his beloved tampers. The winner of the event will also receive a La Marzocco Linea 1EE! It will be great! I hope you will visit the Moscow Crocus Expo to see for yourself! 

Christopher Tara-Brown
Christopher Tara-Browne

One of the most special events that will take places in The Coffee Box is the Moscow Barista Championship. Baristas will compete for the opportunity to represent Moscow at the Russian Barista Championship final for 2014. Sponsor La Marzocco is generously supplying all espresso machines for the competition, and 1883 de Philibert Routin, also a sponsor, is supplying the baristas with all-natural syrups.

Competitors will use La Marzocco FB-80 2EE semiautomatics, and Mazzer Kony Electronic grinders, all provided by Traveler’s Coffee.

Sonja Björk Grant of Iceland, who is a Head Judge of the World Barista Championship, and Dan Streetman of the United States, who is a Head Judge of the United States Barista Championship, will lend their expertise in determining the winner of the Moscow Barista Championship. In addition, both Sonja and Dan will lead some interesting workshops during the Expo.

Dan will talk about his experience as a green coffee buyer for Irving Farm in New York, and what is important for a judge to pay attention to in a competitor’s work. Dan will bring the signature drink recipes from the WBC and the United States Barista Championship to discuss in the workshops, and participants will have the opportunity to create and taste the drinks. Dan’s seminar, œSpecialty Coffee in New York City  will provide an overview of popular cafes and roasting companies in the United States’ largest city.

Dan Streetman
Dan Streetman

Sonja Björk Grant is one of the pioneers of the World Barista Championship and other championships, which are held by WCE. She has also made a significant contribution to the evaluation of competitions system. Now she is head Judge of World Barista Championship, Coach of the Year (according to the SCAE, 2007). Her master classes will be about the history and rules of judging. She will talk about how to use the score sheet and how the championships affect the quality of customer service.

Sonja Bjork Grant
Sonja Björk Grant

Ettore Scagliola, who is La Marzocco’s service manager, will give an interesting lecture in The Coffee Box, as well. La Marzocco has a reputation for being one of the best of manufacturers of coffee machines in the world, and indeed, some of the top baristas on the planet refuse to use any machine other than La Marzocco. Ettore will talk about La Marzocco’s technology for ideal pressure for espresso, and answer any questions attendees have.

Ettore Scagliola
Ettore Scagliola
Andrea Curtarelli, also of La Marzocco, will be appearing and speaking at the Coffee Box, as well.
Andrea Curtarelli, also of La Marzocco, will be appearing and speaking at the Coffee Box, as well.


The Coffee Box will be one of the most unique features of the Moscow Coffee and Tea Expo, showcasing a truly exceptional program throughout the event. The venue is a 100-square-meter cube to be located in Hall 14 of the Moscow Crocus Expo, and is presented in partnership with Traveler’s Coffee, La Marzocco, 1883 de Philibert Routin, and Double B Coffee & Tea.


Attendees will have access to Wifi in The Coffee Box, and online translation and photos from the event will be posted to Facebook. Videos from the seminars will also be posted. For more information about The Coffee Box, visit

Information about the partners:

Traveler’s Coffee is a coffee chain consisting of 75 cafes. Traveler’s Coffee is the exclusive distributor in Russia of La Marzocco equipment, 1883 de Philibert Routin syrups, and  Mazzer coffee grinders. The company also sells its own specialty roasted coffee, whole leaf tea, and pastry shop products.

French company Routin has been producing high-quality syrups under the name 1883 de Philibert Routin more than 130 years.1883 de Philibert Routin uses their own technology in order to create a bright taste in syrups by using exclusively natural fruits and berries from all over the world.



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