Barista Magazine’s Humpday Giveaway Winner! #59 (April 23, 2014 Edition)

Welcome to the winner’s announcement for Humpday Giveway this week. Up for grabs for the person with the correct response was an awesome duo from  Espresso Parts,  their  newest tamper  and to celebrate the big expo in Seattle happening this week a SCAA swag bag which includes the Espresso Parts Scout Book!

If you’re headed to Seattle for the SCAA Expo, be sure to stop by Espresso Parts’ booth (#10034) and say hi because they’re terrific supporters of the barista and coffee community!


The Espresso Parts Design 5 Espresso Tamper is a sweet piece of work!
This Espresso Parts Design 5 Espresso Tamper will find a new home today!


Ok, we’re almost to the winner’s name. But first we need to see the question and the answer.

We asked you:

In the Field Report: Panama Alexandar Ruas and Oskar Garberg write about their recent trip to the Central American country which they dubbed œGoing Geisha.  As mentioned in the story, what coffee did Oskar use to win the 2013 Swedish Barista Cup?

And the answer is:  Ninety Plus Perci Geisha!

Loads of you got it right from all over the world, so we hope that means you read and enjoyed the great field report by  Alexandar and Oskar Garberg in the April + May 2014 issue.

And this week’s winner is:

Congratulations, ALLY HUTTON of the U.K.!  You’ve won this week’s Humpday Giveaway!

We’ll email you shortly and  get your address so we can send your prizes right out.

Thanks to everyone for playing! And a huge thanks to the great folks  Espresso Parts  for contributing this great tamper and SCAA swag kit!

Come back next week for another round of Humpday Giveaway and as always visit the BMag blog daily for the latest news, events and people in coffee!


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