Barista Magazine’s Humpday Giveaway Winner! #52 (March 5, 2014 Edition)

Drumroll please! It’s time for this week’s Humpday winner announcement!

But first these messages… well at least a quick review of what you’re playing for. It’s a Clever Coffee Dripper from the awesome folks at Prima Coffee Equipment (oh, and there’s a pack of Melitta filters to go with it too!).

Want to brew a great cup? We got a tool for that right here!
Who will win this Clever Dripper? Keep reading to find out!

So now we need the question, and the answer, so we can find out who won!

Question: Master Q&A subject Bill Fishbein is best known for his work founding the non-profit organization Coffee Kids, but what was the name of his first coffee company, where was it based and what year did it open?

Of course you can find the answer in the  current issue of Barista Magazine. (You can look at the whole issue for free online by going  HERE.)

ANSWER: The Coffee Exchange in Providence, Rhode Island in 1977!

Great job to everyone who entered and gave the correct answer (and of course included the required information of  first  and  last names  plus  country of residence)!

We put everyone who got it right in the pool, used our random generation software to select a name at random, and we’ve got a winner!

Congratulations, BRETT MASON from Cedar Rapids, Iowa You’re this week’s winner!

We’ll be contacting you shortly by email so you can start enjoying your prize!

As for the rest of you, we’ll see you next week for Humpday Giveaway when we’ll give away another fabulous prize. Cheers!

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