Barista Magazine Bonus: Wellness Drinks for Your Menu

We feature an impressive list of recipes for wellness drinks you can add to your café for those looking for an immune boost during COVID-19.


When you’re thinking about incorporating wellness drinks into your business, it doesn’t necessarily mean going out and buying high-speed blenders and bulky juicing machines. Barista Magazine’s latest issue features a colorful two-part article that features eclectic non-coffee additions to add to your menu, like CBD and immune boosters. While the piece confirms that consumer habits haven’t changed at coffee shops during COVID-19, there is certainly still a hunch that healthier alternatives are growing, and they may continue to grow in demand after the pandemic.

Although we were able to feature a handy list of immune-boosting ingredients to add to your drinks, such as kombucha and chia seeds, we weren’t able to suggest what to do with them! Hence, we present this beautifully designed recipe list put together by our talented designer Demitri Fregosi Powers. Consider adding a few of these to your menu, or take inspiration by utilizing these ingredients in your own immune-boosting beverages! As for the first recipe, if you decide to take the opposite route in wellness—whiskey is always a good alternative. We’d love to see what you’re able to brainstorm. Stay safe!

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