Barista Magazine Bonus Feature: Preventative Maintenance Chart

Learn how to make your valuable coffee gear last as long as possible in the era of COVID-19 with this PM chart.


In the latest issue of Barista Magazine, we feature a guide on preventative maintenance by online editor Katrina Yentch. The article details what preventative maintenance is in the context of the coffee world, why it’s important to practice, and how it can help your treasured gear, from machines to grinders, last as long as possible. There are plenty of simple PM activities you can do outside of regular visits by a technician, which we didn’t get a chance to fully detail in the piece. Therefore, we present this handy chart that you can use to begin incorporating preventative maintenance into your café’s daily cleaning routines. Laminate it, stick it on the fridge, or add it to the employee handbook—whatever you need to do to keep it a constant presence at the café! Take note, however, that the quarterly, bi-yearly, and annual steps may require the help of a service technician.

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