Barista Fest Seattle!

I was pretty darn weary when I got home from Mexico late, late Sunday night. But after some a couple of days of snuggles from my dog and getting caught up on my work, I’m ready to roll into the next event: the always awesome Coffee Fest Seattle!


Above is a shot of the entryway last year. It’s a bummer that the Northwest Regional Barista Competition won’t be taking place at Coffee Fest, as it was last year, but we’ve still got the Millrockin’ Latte Art Championship, presented by Barista Mag, Dillanos, and Nuova Simonelli. As many of you know, the competition has got some serious chops now that 1) Nuova Simonelli has supplied 2 awesome machines, so that baristas go back-to-back, making for continuous excitement; 2) We have a “leader board,” so the audience can track the progress of the competitors; and 3) Did someone say $5000 grand prize? Who doesn’t like money? Not you, that’s who. I mean, not who. Whatever. It’s a lot of benjamins that’s for damn sure.


But Coffee Fest is about a lot more than what goes on in the daytime — it’s one of the best shows of the year for parties. As for barista-centric parties, be sure to hit Trabant’s smackdown event on Friday at 8 (602 2nd Ave.), and Victrola & Barista Exchange’s event on Saturday at 7 (310 E. Pike St.). Smack!

Lastly, please pay Barista Magazine a visit at our booth at Coffee Fest — #505 — and grab a free copy of the magazine, buy a tshirt, snag a button, or see our other new shwag.

stamps and ken.jpg

Basically, we want to show you the love, like we did this guy back at Coffee Fest Atlanta (photo by zacharyzachary).

bmag tshirt.jpg
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