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Editor’s note: As we approach the beginning of the 2014 World Barista Championship, which takes place in Rimini, Italy, June 9 “12, at the SCAE’s World of Coffee event, we would like to introduce you to the National Barista Champions who all worked incredibly hard to earn a position in this preeminent coffee contest. Profiles of all 54 competitors will appear on Barista Magazine’s blog between Monday, June 2, and Monday, June 9, and can all be accessed under the category header “WBC 2014 Rimini.”

Katarzyna Zyzało

Poland's Katarzyna Zyzało
Poland’s Katarzyna ZyzaÅ‚o

Coach: Marcin Moczydłowski

About me: I am very happy to compete again in WBC. My first time was in Vienna. Last year unfortunately we didn’t have competition in Poland, but I was in Melbourne as a trainer. I started my adventure with coffee in 2008. Every year brings me something new and I feel that I still have to learn a lot. The most important experience until this day was the origin trip to Central America, especially Guatemala. I always believed in coffees from exactly this country. I met there a lot of fantastic people, saw amazing coffee experiments and I know that have to come back there.

How many years have you worked with coffee or in the coffee industry?
I have worked in the coffee industry more than 6 years.

Before coffee, did you work in a different job or industry, or what did you study in school?
Before my coffee life I always had wanted to be an actress.

What was your first amazing experience with coffee?
I can’t remember the first one, because it was a lot of amazing experiences with coffee in my life. But probably the most important was my origin trip to Central America.

Who has been your greatest influence in coffee? Why?
My coach and fiance in one person: Marcin. He always believes in me stronger than anyone else. This feeling gives me the strength to be better every day.

What would you like to see change about the coffee industry/community?
We need to be more open for the common people. Our community sometimes is only for ourselves. We should go out, and share the coffee experience with everybody.

Name a barista you admire, and why:
I admire every barista who can realize his passion.

Besides your own cafe, what cafe do you think everyone should visit?
In my humble opinion, one of the most amazing cafes in Poland, which everyone should visit, is: “Brisman Kawowy Bar” in PoznaÅ„. Why? Because you can find there real coffee geeks and we call them coffee pirates.

Which coffee producing country you would like to visit, and why?
Kenya. I love coffees from this country. But first I need to come back to Guatemala as soon as it possible.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I would like to see myself still in the coffee industry. Maybe with my own business.

Is there anyone you would like to thank or who helped you prepare for the WBC?
I would like to thanks everyone who trusted me in this year.



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