Back to Managua

Yesterday, the Nordic Barista Cup travelling roadshow rolled through the north part of Nicaragua. We saw a different climate, much drier, than the other coffee producing regions of the country, and perhaps that climate difference is why so many Cup of Excellence winners come from Nueva Segovia.

The Nordic baristas did another hands-on training with some twenty farmers from the region, many of  whom had  never seen an espresso machine before. It took a little creativity as the location we were at had no 220 power outlets so some last-minute  electrical wiring was necessary.  The producers/barista trainees were very enthusiastic about the espresso world and reacted with disbelief when told that you could easily pay  two dollars for  what they thought was a very, very small cup of coffee!

After the training, the baristas enjoyed some beers and sun at a beautiful horse farm before beginning the long drive back to the capital city.

Here in Managua today three La Marzoccos are set-up for more barista  training.  The majority of the Managua baristas are  working baristas and are really here to hone their skills before  the upcoming national competitions.  Reigning champion Salome is here as are a couple of baristas who  had classes with  Klaus  Thomsen and Deaton Pigot two years ago at Ramacafe. It’s good to see their skills weren’t too  hampered by working with Deaton. (Just kidding  Deaton!)  

Right now we’re going to begin an impromtu barista competition so that should be a fun time.  And then  tomorrow it all  comes to a close as we head back to our home countries.  (We’ll post more photos when we have a chance.) Adios for now.