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We get answers to some common questions and troubleshooting with the Mythos series grinders.


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Have you been behind the bar and wanted to learn how to make coffee that much better beyond your own skills? Sometimes, a craftsperson is only as good as the tools they work with, and that statement couldn’t be any truer for coffee. We’re speaking with coffee technicians across all categories—grinders, espresso machines, coffee kegs, you name it! By doing this, we hope that baristas, home brewers, and any folks who use coffee equipment feel more confident behind bar, as well as empowered when a concern arises. (And if you’re even more curious about technician life or have aspirations to be one yourself, you can read all about the topic in the latest issue of Barista Magazine.) Today, we’re speaking with a technician at Simonelli USA, a manufacturer of both grinders and espresso machines, about their Mythos series grinders.

Meet Ryan Klineman, head of product & technical service at Simonelli USA

Ryan has spent the last 27 years working with the team at Simonelli USA in a wide variety of roles and responsibilities. His most rewarding time has been spent in the product development of espresso machines and grinders, improving and innovating the end-user and customer experiences. Ryan’s biggest takeaway from his many years in the industry? “Keep learning and never think you know it all. Seek out opportunities for humility.”

Barista Magazine: What is the most common problem/damage that users make on Nuova Simonelli/Mythos 1 and 2 grinders, and a good way to fix it without a technician’s help? 

I think a total understanding of grind adjustment, as well as best practices for cleaning and maintenance, can really help baristas get a better result with their Mythos grinders. Often time grind adjustment only requires small, micro changes to get the results that one might need. Wild turns of the knob can get you far away from your best set point, so it’s ideal to go with incremental adjustments. For ongoing cleaning and maintenance, creating the right kind of schedule for what gets cleaned/maintained and how often those things get done can keep that grinder. Clean that hopper daily, check your burrs and grind chamber weekly, and making sure the clump crusher is healthy will keep that grinder purring on a daily basis. A little bit of love will bring tremendous results to your overall taste and consistency. 

The Mythos grinders have garnered much attention over the years for their quick grinding capabilities and precise dosing.

How often should you actually replace the burrs and why?

We recommend replacement of the burrs every 3,000 to 3,500 pounds (1587 kg) of coffee. The burrs will start to cut unevenly, making the cuts to coffee flat or torn. We want a sharp cut, like biting into a luscious crisp apple, during the grinding process. Of course grinder consistency plays a big part in extraction of espresso, and keeping those burrs sharp and clean will fulfill those espresso dreams!

What is the best way to keep the Mythos grinders in good condition since those burrs have a different access point? 

Depending on what model Mythos you’re using, it’s just two, three, or four screws to remove to gain access to the burrs. While cleaning tablets might be great for other grinder types, the Mythos line gets you to the burr set with ease!

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