Amsterdam Stumptown Is Way Awesome!

After a crazy time in London for the amazing World Barista Championship, I headed to Amsterdam with my good friend, Bjørg ”the organizer of the Nordic Barista Cup event ”to see the Stumptown Coffee pop-up at 101 Albert Cuypstraat. I had been looking at the terrific blogs that the Stumptown baristas who are stationed in Amsterdam for the summer, had been posting photos to, but it was nothing like being there to see it myself.

Me, totally stoked to be at Stumptown Amsterdam.
Thomas talking to Bjørg at the counter. Probably talking pastries. We were way hungry.
Thomas making our Injerto Bourbon pourover.
During the daily cupping. The guy with red hair is a Dutch barista who comes into Stumptown all the time because he loves the coffees so much.
David George, manager of Stumptown Amsterdam, took me for a walk around the neighborhood surrounding the cafe, including this awesome park where he said all the baristas hang out during their breaks.

Being at Stumptown’s Amsterdam cafe was like coming home ”seriously. They’re doing a simply fantastic. job. The second shift of summer baristas just arrived in Amsterdam 2 weeks ago, and are already settled in. And David ”who is there for the entire pop-up along with Zachary Carlson ”is having a terrific time, and feeling good about how well the cafe is being received by the specialty coffee lovers of Amsterdam. What an awesome way to spend the summer!

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