The Ally Coffee Champions Origin Trip to Brazil Has Begun!

World + United States Barista, Brewers Cup, Roaster, and Cup Tasters Champions from around the world are headed to Brazil.


Photos by Kenneth R. Olson

Close to 25 coffee professionals and champions are headed to Brazil today to begin a trip of a lifetime: For the second year in a row, Ally Coffee, as the United States and World Coffee Championships Origin Sponsor, is treating champions from 2017 (and one from 2016—more on that below) to a trip through some of Brazil’s most famous and celebrated growing regions to explore farms, cup a ton of coffee, meet peers and producers, and have a blast making memories with one another in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Upon becoming the Origin Trip Sponsor for the United States Barista Championship (USBC), the United States Brewers Cup (USBrC), and the United States Roaster Championship (USRC), as well as the World Barista Championship (WBC) and the World Brewers Cup (WBrC) in 2016, Ally made the unprecedented decision to take not just the winners in these competitions, but the runners-up, as well, on a trip to a coffee-producing country. After great success with the trip in the summer of 2016, Ally expanded its sponsorship to also include the United States Cup Tasters Champion (USCTC) and runner-up, and the World Cup Tasters Champion (WCTC).

Needless to say, there are going to be a lot of people—a lot of incredibly talented people—on this year’s trip!

On the 2016 Ally Origin Trip to Brazil, U.S. Brewers Cup Champ Todd Goldsworthy (left) and U.S. Barista Champ Lem Butler helped with the raking chores on a farm visit.

As you read this, the following people are making their way to São Paolo, Brazil, where the 2017 Origin Trip will commence:

(Note: Instagram handles included in links!)

Kyle Ramage (USBC winner)
Andrea Allen (USBC 2nd place)
Steve Cuevas (USCTC winner)
Anderson Stockdale (USCTC 2nd place)
Mark Michaelson (USRC winner)
Taylor Gresham (USRC 3rd place)
Dylan Siemens (USBrC winner)
Jacob White (USBrC 3rd place)
Tin Lok Chan (WCTC winner)
Chad Wang (WBrC winner)
and hailing from the 2016 championship year, WBC Champ Berg Wu!

Other guests joining the fun:
Reg Barber (Tamperman)
Gianni Cassantini (Simonelli star)
Jon Allen (Andrea’s husband and business partner)
Chee Wu (Berg’s wife and business partner)
Ricardo Pereira (Ally)
Dean Kallivrousis (Ally)
Micah Sherer (Ally)
Bruno Tavares (Ally)
Henry Wilson (Perfect Daily Grind)
and ME, Sarah Allen of Barista Mag!

During a fun competition held in the middle of a beautiful coffee farm, U.S. Brewers Cup Champ Todd (left), World Brewers Cup Champ Tetsu Kasuya (middle), and U.S. Brewers Cup runner-up James Tooil worked together.
Part of last year’s light-hearted competition on the farm included farm workers judging latte art!

Earlier this week, the champions on the trip began receiving a box of goodies from Ally—branded and super-stylin’ T-shirts, a hoodie, and a hat! So we’ll be the matching-ist gang of coffee pros in the land!

Here’s the word from Ally about some—certainly not all!—of what’s in store for our group:

  • We’ll be spending the first few nights at Fazenda São Francisco in Alta Mogiana being hosted by producer Nilton Messias de Almeida. This is a producer that Ally has worked with for many years. São Francisco Coffee Farm is located in the municipality of Patrocinio Paulista, São Paulo Estate, 12.5 miles from the city of Franca, Alta Mogiana region. São Francisco Coffee Farm is part of a select group of farms belonging to the Alta Mogiana Specialty Coffee Association
  • We are also planning a cupping and dinner reception as guests of honor of with the Alta Mogiana Specialty Coffee Association (
  • We are going to attend the Grand Opening Ceremony for a Coffee Lab owned by Ally’s sister company in Brazil, Cafebras
  • We are bringing in some dairy cows to have a “Cow to Cappuccino” latte art throwdown that starts with milking a cow
  • We are visiting partner farms Fazenda Dois Irmaos and Fazenda Barinas
  • We have a dinner planned with Cerrado Producers

And there will be much, much, MUCH more!

Ally’s Ricardo Pereira (far left) is thrilled to be headed to Brazil with this group of coffee professionals for a second year.
We hit the ground in São Paolo early Sunday morning, and I’m betting the fun will have already started (we’re all flying from Houston to Sao Paolo together! Watch out, flight crew!)
I’ll be writing a big article with lots of photos about the trip for the October + November issue of Barista Magazine, of course, but if you want to follow along on our fun and adventures as they’re unfolding, here are the hashtags we’ll be using:
Mais cedo, de amigos do Brasil!

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