Recapping the Athens Coffee Festival 2023

We look back at all the highlights from the seventh Athens Coffee Festival.


Photos courtesy of FORUM S.A.

The Athens Coffee Festival, held September 23-25 at Technopolis, was a resounding success, drawing 19,350 coffee enthusiasts and industry professionals who eagerly embraced the event. 

Organized by FORUM S.A., in collaboration with SCA Greece and NOYNOY BARISTA’S GOLD, the three-day event provided an immersive experience, allowing visitors to rediscover important coffee brands, indulge in expertly crafted coffee drinks, and explore the offerings of top roasteries. 

The master classes covered a broad range of topics, providing valuable insight into issues around sustainability and technology, as well as addressing innovations in coffee, home-brewing practices, and more.

Highlights from the Athens Coffee Festival

The Technopolis area was packed with exhibitors, showcasing coffee roasters, cafés, and brands from Greece and beyond. Visitors indulged in the flavors of Vietnam, Indonesia, Panama, Brazil, Honduras, Guatemala, Kenya, Ethiopia, and more. They also had the opportunity to take part in coffee-knowledge competitions and score prizes from exhibitors. 

Many exhibitors used the festival to highlight their newest products and innovations. The event also featured 37 coffee master classes led by 18 experts, offering 20 hours of innovation, inspiration, and valuable information on the latest trends and important issues in the industry.

This was also the first time the Athens Coffee Festival partnered with the nonprofit organization Humanity Greece, which provides support to socially and economically vulnerable families. During the course of the event, visitors and exhibitors could contribute essential items at designated points in Technopolis.

Baristas at the Panhellenic Coffee Championships wowed audiences and judges with their skills.

A Taste of Greece’s Finest

Talented and ambitious baristas gathered at the 2023 Athens Coffee Festival for the Panhellenic Coffee Championships, organized by SCA Greece. After two days of fierce competition, Galazoulas Theodoros emerged as the winner of the Roasting Championship. In the Panhellenic Coffee in Good Spirits Championship, Yiannis Zoras claimed victory, while Sokratis Gialamas won the Latte Art Championship.

Organized by Kudu Coffee Roasters, the Greek AeroPress Championship also took place at the Athens Coffee Festival. In an incredibly entertaining atmosphere, 57 contestants showcased their skills in the art of AeroPress brewing. After an intense battle, Stelios Antoniou secured first place, and will represent Greece at the upcoming World AeroPress Championship in Melbourne, Australia. 

Visitors were treated to a vibrant atmosphere filled with music, dance, and delicious coffee at the Athens Coffee Festival.

Music, Dance, and Delicious Brews

The festival’s main stage was filled with excitement and energy. It featured two concerts, two live DJ sets, and over 30 hours of music and entertainment. Dancing, enchanting music, and joyous moments took center stage. Renowned radio producers showcased their talent on the decks, while famous Greek bands and artists delivered two unforgettable music shows.

Once again, Technopolis transformed into a fantastic venue for coffee enthusiasts, baristas, and other industry pros to connect, learn about specialty coffee, and have a great time. We can’t wait to see what next year’s Athens Coffee Festival will bring!


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