A Note to Our Canadian Subscribers

Dear Canadian Subscribers,

Due to an error at our printer’s with their labeling system, a number of copies of the August + September 2012 issue of Barista Magazine destined for our great subscribers in Canada have been rerouted by the postal system and are ending up back at Barista Magazine HQ in Portland instead of their intended destinations across Canada.

We apologize for this  inconvenience  and the delay in your copies of the latest issue in reaching you.

As soon as we receive any of the wayward copies here at our office, we send them back out on their way directly to you. You may receive a copy of the magazine in a Barista Magazine envelope with a number of labels on the cover. You’ll note the subscriber address is in the place for a return address and Barista Magazine‘s address is in the area where the subscriber address should be. This is the cause of the trouble.

If your magazine has been affected by this problem, again, please accept our apology at the delay. We will also add an additional issue to your subscription at no charge to show how much we appreciate your readership and support. So if your subscription was supposed to end with the October + November 2012 issue, it will now go through the December + January 2013 issue.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at subscriptions at baristamagazine.com. And thank you again for your support of Barista Magazine!

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