Rwanda COE Begins, Starbucks Gun Event Shut Out In Newtown, Billy Announces 4th Cafe, and Baristas Could be Replaced by Robots?

Lots of coffee stuff is going in our universe today! Here are some of the most interesting headlines… ¢ COE RWANDA INTERNATION JURY READIES FOR JUDGING: I was excited to see this photo on Facebook […]

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Cup of Excellence

Rwanda CoE!

The second Rwanda Cup of Excellence competition brought 26 international cuppers to the small town of Rwamagana to judge the final phase of the world’s most stringent coffee competition.   Cupping at the new Kayonza […]

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WBC Atlanta 2009

Rwanda, Turkey, Lithuania, Iceland

#16: BARISTA CHAMPION OF RWANDA ”JEAN PIERRE NYAMABUMBA I was lucky enough to meet Jean Pierre ”or JP ”in Rwanda at the country’s first national barista championship, held last February in Kigali. JP is a […]

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Rwanda Barista Championship

I was so stoked to get to travel to Kigali, Rwanda, last month to attend the East African Fine Coffee Association conference and also lend a hand to Sanders and Shane in the production of […]