10 Minutes With...

10 Minutes With Niki di Landa

We chat with Niki Di Landa, Italy’s current Ibrik/Cezve champion, about what inspired her to compete, and the message she wants to spread through her world stage performance. BY VASILEIA FANARIOTISPECIAL TO BARISTA MAGAZINE ONLINE […]

Coffee Gear and Equipment

Test Drive: PuckPuck

We try out the PuckPuck, a cold dripper designed as an AeroPress attachment. BY TANYA NANETTISPECIAL TO BARISTA MAGAZINE ONLINE Photos courtesy of Tanya Nanetti As a great fan of the AeroPress, I’m always curious […]

Coffee cocktails

Vacationing Through Coffee Cocktails with U.S. 2022 Coffee in Good Spirits Champ Alexandra Hager

We continue our series of 2022 U.S. CoffeeChamps interviews with the second-ever U.S. Coffee in Good Spirits champion, Alexandra Hager. BY KATRINA YENTCHBARISTA MAGAZINE ONLINE Cover photo courtesy of the Specialty Coffee Association Alexandra Hager […]

10 Minutes With...

10 Minutes With Dr. Tania Humphrey

We get to know the new director of research & development at World Coffee Research. BY CHRIS RYANBARISTA MAGAZINE ONLINE Photos courtesy of World Coffee Research Last month, nonprofit agricultural research organization World Coffee Research […]