Vladimir Nenashev Is the 2018 World Coffee Roasting Champion

Hailing from Mosaic Coffee in Russia, Vladimir Nenashev is the 2018 World Coffee Roasting Champ, followed by Yoshiyuki Nakamura of Japan and Veda Viraswami of France.


Photos courtesy of World Coffee Events

Vladimir Nenashev of Mosaic Coffee in Russia is the 2018 World Coffee Roasting Champion! The competition was held in Rimini as part of SigEp, a coffee and food trade show held annually in Italy.

The scores were tight—Vladimir won by a roughly three-point margin over Yoshiyuki Nakamura of Japan and Veda Viraswami of France. Twenty-three roasters across the globe gathered to test their roasting abilities and see who would come out victorious.

Competitors were judged in three categories—a green coffee evaluation, a production roast assessment, and a sensory analysis evaluation of their roasted coffee. Because of the relocation of the competition from Dubai announced in 2018 by the Specialty Coffee Association, the winner of this competition was given the designation of 2018 World Roasting Champion, and the 2019 competition will happen later this year.

From left to right: Veda Viraswami, Vladimir Nenashev, and Yoshiyuki Nakamura.

Check out the full list of competitors and scores below!

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