2011 WBC Finalist Número Seis

The final competitor of the 2011 WBC just wrapped up his performance. Pete Licata, US barista champion, delivered another stellar routine, in which he features and explains in depth the process he went through to find, process, blend and roast all of the coffees in his routine.

Pete is based in Honolulu, Hawaii, and all of his coffees came from various farms on the Big Island. He looked high and low to find just the right coffees for his competition, and discovered in the process that different flavors could be enhanced by using the parchment, muscilage and processing of the cherry.

Pete did have one minor setback, however, going over time by two seconds. In a day with six very strong routines, will that hurt his chances to win the 2011 WBC? Stay tuned to find out. The winners announcement is next.







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