10 Fresh Finds from the First Two Days at Expo in Seattle

We scoured the Expo show floor in search of the cool and the weird—here’s what we found.

Words and photos by Sadie Renee for Barista Magazine

The Unicorn Kettle:
Sometimes coincidences are a beautiful thing. Get your sweet and sour Brewista fix at the Brew Global booth (#2719).
The Yunnan Coffee Exchange Booth:
There’s a full-on, Chinese tea room experience awaiting you at Booth #2733—but instead of tea, it’s competition-winning coffee from Yunnan. Paper lanterns included.
The Pinterest-Perfect Created Co Booth:
Seriously, are you guys for hire? For apartment makeovers? K thanks. (Booth #1701)
Slayer Steam:
It’s sultry, it’s sexy, and it’s shrouded in superheated steam. (Booth #1811)
The Acaia Orion Bean Counter:
Acaia paired up with Saint Anthony Industries, and the concept of “scale” is at a whole new level at Booth #1927.
New Setups from Mavam:
There’s a gorgeous little one-group at the Visions booth (#1337). There’s a sleek, black powder-coated, nickel-plated, chrome trimmed three-group at the Brew Global booth (#2719). Wrap your head around that, the temp stability, and the dry steam—we’ll be in the corner snapping more photos.
Ferris Booth:
Coffee, Smokey Bear, and some awesome dudes from Grand Rapids, Mich.—don your flannel shirt and head to Booth #1807.
Bean Me Up:
Shaped like a pear, works like a charm. Ceramic burrs and a 2015 Good Design Award win, perched atop the Finum booth (#415).
33 Book’s Roaster Log:
They just keep the good stuff coming. (Did you know they have a Doughnut Tasting Kit?! Go to Booth #1925 immediately.)
Foreigner Coffee Packaging:
The libation lovechild of designer Elizabeth Chai and USBC Semifinalist Brandon Paul Weaver. We’ll drink Foreigner Coffee out of this wine bottle any day. (Check it out in the Design Lab.)


Brimming with ambition, sarcasm, and caffeinated zeal, Sadie Renee  is fascinated by all things beverage and the extraordinary humans that make them. A KCMO native loving life in Seattle, she spends most of her time drinking extravagant amounts of coffee and working at Visions Espresso. When she’s not on a plane to a beverage destination, you can find her conducting research at a local brewery or pouring the occasional latte behind the bar. After she lets her dog take her for a long, vivacious walk around the neighborhood, she likes to wind down with a good cocktail.  


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