Let’s Play Barista Magazine’s Humpday Giveaway! #26 (August 21, 2013 Edition)

Even though I’m seeing kids headed back to school, and the leaves on the trees are starting to turn, it’s still summer, dammit! And here’s how I prove it: this week’s prize for Humpday Giveaway is an amazing camp coffee kit from Stumptown Coffee and Poler Stuff! Thanks, guys!

*Cute hipster boy not included.
*Cute skater boy not included.

While you would look so totally cool using this kit at a campsite (and since it’s still summer, you have loads of time for camping!), it would also be totally fly in a hotel room, or your mom’s kitchen, or any place you might be wanting a really good grinder, a dope brewing vessel, some damn fine coffee, and even some stylin’ cups to drink your brew from.

This Poler & Stumptown Camp Coffee set retails for $125 ”but no complaints about the price allowed! Look at all the stuff tucked inside that super sweet canvas bag:

  • 2 mugs
  • AeroPress Kit
  • Porlex JP-30
  • 12 Oz of Holler Mountain
It's so cool, guys: check this thing out.
It’s so cool, guys: check this thing out.

You, Humpday Giveaway players, however, have a hance to win one FOR FREE! And guess what? This week’s contest is open to all of you, all over the world. That’s right, Ken and I will mail it to you wherever you happen to be.

So are you ready to play? First, let’s review those rules one more time:

Humpday Giveaway Rules

”Answer the trivia question by referencing the current issue of Barista Magazine. If you don’t have a copy, you can look at the whole issue for free online by going HERE.

”Leave your answer plus your FIRST and LAST names, as well as your country of residence, into the blog comments section.

”Answers may be submitted between 7 a.m. PDT on Wednesday through 6:59 a.m. PDT on Thursday.

”The names of those who submitted the correct answer will be entered into a drawing, and Barista Magazine will randomly select one name, which will be announced on Thursday at 10 a.m. PDT right here on the Barista Magazine blog.

OK, so here we go…

QUESTION: What was the name of Kentaro Maruyama’s very first  café?

We're totally humbled to have an interview with the famous Kentaro Maruyama in our new issue.
We’re totally humbled to have an interview with the famous Kentaro Maruyama in our new issue.

Good luck to all of you! And happy humpday!!

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  1. Kentaro opened Acorn in 1990. He then changed the name in 1991 to Maruyama Coffee.

    Dennis Sullivan
    United States of America

  2. Acorn. he later changed it to Maruyama Coffee when he began his roasting adventure.
    Oops, forgot the rest.

    Samantha Womack

  3. The original name was ‘Acorn’. He later changed it to Maruyama when he started roasting! >fingers crossed< Cheers!

  4. “ACORN”
    Priscila Morera
    Costa Rica
    ( you could send the prize to my friends in US as they come visit me often 🙂

  5. 1990 (the cool year) the shop was opened and called ACORN

    I think this prize deserves to be given to a guy named Kermit!!

    Kermit Graber
    Minneapolis, MN USA

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